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Group sessions

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Gamaste  workout 

We warm our bodies in the first part of a one-hour workout with some simple exercises and few breathing exercises. The second part of the class is to work with our deep muscles with the use of pilates. The third part is stretching, opening and twisting our body and the last few minutes takes time for relaxation and meditation.

Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6 pm to 7 pm

Wednesday and Friday morning from 7 am to 8 am

Booking is a must because we have limited spots only.

Yoga at Home

Meditation Classes

Research has proven that people are receiving massive benefits through their Meditation practice: People who meditate regularly are much better at managing the day to day stress of modern life. They feel healthier, more motivated, more energised and more at peace. They even have more effective immune systems, better relationships and lose weight issues than people who do not meditate.

Try different types of meditation with us, find what type is of yours.

The booking is a must because we have only a limited number of spots.

Yoga at Home
Meditation Class

Thematic meditation 

We are meeting in the Sonder Studio every Monday and on a pre-announced theme doing an hour-long meditation. Just bring your mat or your cushion and enjoy. The theme you can find in the newsletter or ask by email or in the chat session. The booking of a class is a must because we have only a limited number of spots.