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One on One Counselling & Life Coaching

Humans are naturally social creatures, so talking and communicating with others is one of the primary methods we have for sifting through our thoughts. Unfortunately, we don't always feel comfortable talking to the people in our lives. When we're feeling overwhelmed, our emotions, worries, and stresses can seem like too much to unload on a friend or an acquaintance. That's where talk therapy can help--one-on-one therapy allows you to speak to someone in confidence. A professional counselor can respond to your concerns objectively, offer a comforting word, and give you sound advice to help you live a better life.

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Couple/Family Counselling

The great relationships doesn't just come, both parties have to work on it. Unfortunately, all of the advice you can get will not be equally valid.  If your relationship is in trouble, or if you wish to further strengthen one that's still going strong, you will find the perspective a professional counselor can provide invaluable. 
Family life can be either a source of great joy or feel like a terrible burden. Maintaining relationships can take a great deal of work, and if the people nearest us are facing life challenges, the whole family can end up suffering.
Family counseling is a specialized field; help families weather in all kinds of storms.

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Women/Men Circule/Group Therapy

Many people feel the group therapy much more powerful and helpful than the individual therapy.

Here is five benefits why so powerful.

  • Helps you to realized you are not alone with your problem

  • Group therapy facilitates giving and receiving support.

  • Helps you find your “voice.”

  • Group therapy helps you relate to others (and yourself) in healthier ways.

  • Group therapy provides a safety net.

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