How became our info board to be a beauty.

I think everyone can imagine how hard to creat a calm, peaceful and safe place in a new healing and wellbeing studio. When I started about two months ago I decided to buy every pieces of the furnitures and decoration one by one. It's actually my best idea ever. Now if I show to someone the studio I have a story to every item. I love this feeling. Today, I tell you a story of one of the beauty item. Our "info board".

If you will come and visit us in our place you will see we have a big waiting hall. From the first moment I saw this place I knew this must be a very important part of the studio. It must be homelike, friendly and relaxing. And I'd like to show you now how became our info board what it is at the moment.

I found an easel one day on marketplace and we bought it immediately. First wanted to put a gold old style painting frame on it but my Hubby just brought out from the shed an old but beautifuly shaped mirror. I felt in love with it immediatelly. I didn't know how can it come to be a beauty because of the peeling side but I have a lovely friend, who working as a decorator. You can find her on facebook as Decorated by Mon or on Instagram decoratedbymon. I sent her a pic about the mirror and she sent a messega straight a way back to "bring this to me". Today she brought me back and I just standing in front of it and wondering. Here it is just look at it...

And she brought me one more suprise but the story will come tomorrow...

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