Thanks beautiful Ladies!

Updated: May 25, 2021

I was so excited in the whole last week. Why?

When I first saw the property of the studio I felt that I'd like to lead a women circle here. I felt this task just calls me.

Like everyone else, I had a hard time in my life. At that time I felt how good it would be if there was something like this around me. I felt I'm alone with my "problem".

And yes my dream came true. And I met 13 beautiful, open minded Lady. We had a great chit - chat together and I hope everybody went home with something new on her pocket.

The first Sonder Women Circle just finished on Thursday and I felt I can fly.

Zsuzsanna was my partner in this session She complemented me perfectly. She chose a great topic for the first meeting. The beauty.

We started to organise who will be the experts who tell the most useful and easy to use advise.

And we found them. Erika is a very highly experted and high skilled hairdresser. We had got a lot of good idea from her, about what kind of hair brush we use and what type of shampoo and conditioner are healthy.

We got a lot of new knowledge about our skin and how the commercial cosmetic products working. Why we have to use organic, nature products.

The Sonder Studio helps you to find these organic and naturall products and if you like you can buy them from the shop, find the link here or for the curly hair products here

Erika helps for curly hair women as well. Find here some link to read about this organic products for curly hair here

The studio's body products partner is Aquarela Home and Body. Aquarela Home and Body proudly creates handmade body products using only natural, where possible locally sourced and organic ingredients, essential oils, botanicals and clays. Here is a link where you can find them or jump into the studio and touch, smell and buy them there.

We plan to have it every month from now on, with different topics. We'd like to go a bit deeper next month and the topics will be the - Empty nest syndrom - we will going around what does it mean this and why it's coming out. What are the symptoms of this. And finally we talking about if we find a way out of the woods what was it. So if you feel that you are attracted to this topic or you know someone who would be good to take part in this come and join our circle again and bring her as well on 10th of June.

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